02 novembre 2011

Get a Free Shipping iPhone 4 Leather Cases at Applehour

For those of you who like the moleskine-like iPad case sold by the folks over at Applehour.com, here comes a similar type of iPhone 4 case.Here is the new rose fashion business iphone 4 leather case cover review:   Designed as a slim journal that slips comfortably into your purse, messenger bag or backpack, Pad and Quill’s iPhone 4 case cradles your iPhone  4 in a protective, hand- crafted wood frame. The comfortable feel of black leather binding, wrap around strap and classic red bookmark combine to dress your iPhone in... [Lire la suite]
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18 octobre 2011

Choose a Coolest iPhone 4 Cases to Protect your iPhone

As I've said before, how you choose a coolest i phone 4 Cases to protect or not protect your iPhone is a matter of personal preference. There's protection from cosmetic damage and then there's protection from real damage. I'm talking drops or someone accidentally sitting on your phone (maybe even you) and cracking the screen.I will talk a eggshell case protector for iphone 4 for all apple lovers. eggshell case protector for iphone 4 review: GGSHELL for iPhone 4 is as light and thin as an eggshell and adds a layer of protection... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2011

Discount iPad Cables and Connectors from China

The iPad is a useful and fun gadget that has many uses, and if you get the right accessories you can do even more with it. Here we will focus on a few of the many accessories available today. Save time and money by accumulating your iPad accessories in groups rather than separately. The iPad 2 accessories best buy on the market today will be discussed in the information that follows.The iPad Keyboard Dock is one of those accessories that almost anyone could benefit from, as it allows you to operate your device with a full size... [Lire la suite]
17 août 2011

New Arrivel iPone 5 Case to best buy

Although protection is a major factor in selecting the right case to use, convenience must not be overlooked. In selecting the right iPhone 5 cases, you must see to it that functionality of your phone will not be hampered.Following are some of the best iPhone 5 cases available in the market today.  • Polycarbonate Case Crown - This protective case is particularly popular because of the superior protection it can provide. It is unusually tough and can protect your phone from falls or slips that are more severe than the... [Lire la suite]